Nereus (NEAR-E-US) was key to the heroes of old as they sought to navigate their way to and from their epic journeys and was known as The Old Man of the Sea. The shapeshifter with the power of prophecy, he aided heroes such as Hercules who could catch him, and Alexander the Great, who invoked his name at the Syrian Seashore at the critical battle of Issus (333 BC). Nereus was known for his truthfulness and virtue and was as agile and powerful as he was mild and righteous. Nereus, The Old Gentleman, was invoked because he was trustworthy, gentle, and never forgetful of what was right and just. He was needed across the lands by heroes as they made their destinies.

We founded Nereus on these very principles: forged with integrity on the premise that the Cloud is no longer coming soon. It is here, and your needs for accessibility and security of information within the Cloud require a tailored approach that is uniquely curated to your needs. Moreover, the opportunities that the Cloud offers are already providing new and innovative avenues for collaboration, problem-solving, and delivery of solutions. Since we won’t solve problems with the same kind of thinking we used in the past to create them, our approach is not to forklift the legacy model into a new paradigm as many do. We lead organizations into a new way of thinking about computing. It’s not just about technology, it’s also the processes used to manage it. With the right guide, you will see that your journey into the Cloud will transform your competitive advantage from a dream into reality. If you supply the vision, we will help you get there.


Cloud computing is changing the way we interact personally, nationally, and globally. The more that we can navigate and utilize these new opportunities, the more we can create something more than what was before. Adding value to you and your organization is an unrelenting drive for Nereus. As we continue to grow, we will work with our clients and partners to continue to create new approaches and capabilities in this ever-evolving landscape.

Professional Services

Our engineering talent is the center point of our company.  We focus on premier talent in the market and hire the best and brightest technical, team-oriented people to ensure we deliver for our clients.


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