To be the world’s most trusted and indispensable technology partner through the culture we embody and the value we deliver


To help our clients seize new opportunities and solve their most challenging problems, utilizing the best people and technologies on the planet


We named our company after Nereus (neer-ee-uhs), a Greek mythology sea god known for his wisdom, truthfulness and virtue. His ability to understand the constantly changing and often dangerous sea while giving aid to those heroes who, in ancient times were called by their destiny to dare greatly and boldly, is a hallmark of who we are. We live these values every day as we deliver talent and technologies to help you get results, reach your goals, and fulfill your vision. Our decades of experience in some of the most sensitive and protected networks on the planet uniquely qualify us to support your challenges and help you take advantage of new opportunities in the Cloud. We are committed to being part of your  journey.


At Nereus we have created a purpose-driven culture. That purpose is manifested in our spirit of collaboration, our unrelenting focus on realizing your vision, and our willingness to question the status quo. We also focus on relationships, not just on our bottom line, so that we can build an environment in which we collectively innovate and thrive.

A passion for lifelong learning

A clear and zealous focus on your mission and your success

Compassion for others, no matter their role

A commitment to the greater good through calculated risks

Accountability and intelligent execution

“A group of dedicated, team-oriented professionals who support each other, who care deeply, and who focus, in all that we do, on the greater good”


Our leadership team strives to recognize strengths and deficits so that we, as an organization, can leverage the best of our people and our partners to deliver client results. Understanding areas of improvement is vital to our leadership approach, enabling us to continue to add value to our clients and our partners.

Brandon Stewart


Brandon Stewart has helped found and manage three successful startups in the Value Added Reseller space, as well as advise multiple start-up ventures such as Palo Alto Network, FireEye, and Splunk. He has a masters degree from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in International Affairs focusing on Cyber Warfare and Economics. He has worked within classified and sensitive areas from the DoD, IC, and the US Department of Energy as well as Fortune 50 accounts and was a part of the team that closed the largest US Government Splunk acquisition to date. His driving core values are integrity and commitment to those he works with and compassion for those around him.

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